“Cosquerade 2014″ at Former Bank of Japan’s Hiroshima Branch


Cosquerade is an event dedicated to Japanese pop culture. If you like Anime, Manga, or Cosplay, this is the place for you! Join our cosplay party! Everyone is welcome!

Cosquerade 2014
on November 9th (Sun), 2014

From 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
* The changing rooms will be available from 10:00 am.
* The changing rooms can be used after 5:00 pm TO CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES TO THE NORMAL.

*Location : Multipurpose hall and basement floor of Former Bank of Japan’s Hiroshima Branch [See detail]

Former Bank of Japan’s Hiroshima Branch is one of Hiroshima City’s Important Cultural Properties since the building survived from the Atomic bombing. The building has been open as a historical museum and for non-profit cultural activities by the municipality. We wish everyone to know what the atomic bombing was like by seeing a piece of historic sites in Hiroshima.

*Price : ALL FREE!
*Presented by : Hiroshima Cosquerade Committee [See detail]
*Contact : Have questions? Use our contact form!

What’s at Cosquerade

Cosplay Zone

Mr. Kouguchi, the head of Hiroshima Cosquerade Committee. Hiroshima's oldest cosplayer!?

Enjoy cosplay (contraction of Costume & Roleplay), which is now world-widely popular culture originated in Japan!

No matter where you are from, feel free to join us! If you haven’t tried cosplay before, this is the best place to get started! Free changing room is availabe.

Cosquerade is a must-see opportunity for experienced cosplayers and photoshooters, too. Cosquerade has extended the cosplay area and now we can use the Roman style main hall that is very photogenic for cosplay. It’s ALL FREE OF CHARGE!

【Attention】See our guidelines for regulations.

Artwork Exhibition Zone

Artwork Exhibition By Hiroshima Monogym
Hiroshima Monogym is a private school dedicated to the growth of writing, manga, illustration, card game and more. Their artworks will be exhibited.
WHEN: 8th Nov. 3:00pm to 9th Nov.5:00pm
WHERE: at the hall,1F

Hiroshima Monogym http://monogym.net/

Performance Zone

Electronic music live By Hiroshima Electronic music society
Check out a live performances on stage! they use theremin,synthesizer and vocaloid and so on…
WHEN:9th Nov. 12:30pm to 4:30pm
WHERE: at the stage,1F

Hiroshima Electronic music society Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1495093510766078

Commendation ceremony By Hiroshima Animation city
A commendation ceremony of “Shimanowa light novel contest” will be held.
WHEN:9th Nov. 11:30am to 12:30pm
WHERE: at the stage,1F

Hiroshima Animation City http://www.hac.or.jp/

Before you take a picture…
Is this the proper way to photograph cosplay?
See our guidelines. Is this the proper way to photograph cosplay?
Is this the proper way to photograph cosplay?
Is this the proper way to photograph cosplay?
Is this the proper way to photograph cosplay?
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